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Intermediate 2 “In The Snack Bar” by Edwin Morgan

Really good line by line notes on the poem from Selkirk High School

Revision notes

In the snack bar revision notes

Power Point on theme and message

In the Snack Bar by Edwin Morgan theme and message

“In the Snack Bar” annotations

In the Snack Bar annotations

“In the Snack Bar” tasks


Full poem

In the Snack Bar

The audio of the poem and a biography about Edwin Morgan can be found here

A link to another teacher blog who has taught this poem:




Facebook Profiles for The Cone Gatherers

For Monday 1/10/2012.

Everyone in has class has been assigned one of the main characters from The Cone Gatherers.

Callum     Neil     Duror     Lady Runcie Campbell

For your character you are to create a character profile. This is when you gather all the information that makes up their important features and traits. If you wish, you can do this in the form of a facebook profile page to which I will attach a link to below.

The point of this exercise is to make sure we have a good clear idea of each of the main characters, what they are like and what there role is in the novel. Characterisation is of course an important feature to be able to discuss in the Higher critical essay.

In your profile you should try to include as much important information about your character as possible and back up all your information with quotes from the text – this is really important.

What kind of information should you include?

Name, approx age and physical description, personality traits, important and revealing quotes, ambitions, wants and desires, likes and dislikes, family ties etc. Just remember – everything must be backed up by evidence from the text!



RIP Ray Bradbury

Just thought I’d write a post to let you all know that Ray Bradbury died on tuesday night. He was 91 years old  and one of the most celebrated science fiction writers of all times.

Sad news.

Something A Bit Freaky…

While I was researching Chernobyl I stumbled across some photos of graffiti that has been done in the abandoned city. I thought it bears a spooky resemblance to the silhouettes in ‘There Will Come Soft Rains’ so I thought I would post some photos. I don’t know if anyone knows who the artist is nevermind if they are familiar with Bradbury’s story but here they are:




Critical Essay Checklist and Key Points to Remember

Critical Essay Checklist

Key Points to Remember

-The purpose of the essay is to answer the essay question.
-Show that you know the text well.
-Comment on how the story is written, using quotes to back up your comments.
How do you Structure the Essay
-3 main paragraphs.
-PEC PEC in each paragraph.

Hello 3B1!

As promised, here is a blog page where you will be able to find all the PowerPoints, notes and anything else I think may be useful in writing the essay. Leave a comment if you have any questions. Let me know if you find any resources as well.